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03 April, 2018


The Original Story Behind This Conference

Yes, Sokibi and Rania already write the story about how we starting the conference. It’s true but not complete one. The original one was before I have dinner with Sokibi and Rania. I have lunch with Kukuh and Moko in Soto Betawi Restourant near my house.

Soto Betawi

We’re thinking that in 2017 there’s no FOSS Conference in Indonesia. So we decide to organize conference about LibreOffice but small one (we can call it mini conference). But time flows, and we kick out “mini” and become normal conference.

The Document Foundation

Since Franklin Weng becoming board in TDF, he often pursuade me to joining TDF Membership. Well, I’m thinking that I less contribution on LibreOffice and little experience in that (except for personal/daily use). I have lot of experience in OpenOffice, an era before LibreOffice.

So, with organizing this conference, it’s my starting point to contribute to LibreOffice and of course I apply the membership and TDF will process my submission this month.

Start Organizing Conference

We start work in December 2017, preparing the proposal and choose which city and university for the venue. We asking two universities and good will comes from PENS (Politeknik Electronika Negeri Surabaya). We start working on Januari 4th, and prepare everything daily.

We have 9 members of organizer in first place, but then one member just gone away not active, so I kicked him out. Our member was come from different cities, luckly it’s still in one timezone. So we just have 8 powerfull members. In last week near the event, there’s about 25 students from university that joining us as local community organizer.

My main role is as coordinator and fundraiser. It’s easy but not easy. But I have good team members. In the event it’s self I was complicated busy, make sure everything work and run perfectly. But me and others are happy.

Honorable mention Rania, Moko, Kukuh, Joko, Darian, Ummul, and Tamara. The last one can’t attend the conference.

Day #-1

I arrived at Surabaya on Thursday, one day before workshop. I need to come early to make coordination with local organizer and pickup Franklin and Eric. Both of them are my old friends.

Mr. Ardi (lecturer from PENS who also local organizer) told me in telegram chat, that in Day#1, I need to have speech to open the conference with some professor. I bought batik shirt for this special moment. 😀

Day #0

This is workshop day. I visited the venue and meet Mr. Ardi. I see the workshop for couple minutes and then at lunch time, I have meeting with Franklin, Eric, Andika, Noor, Darian, Estu and Lecturer/Professor from PENS.

In that meeting we have introduce our self and have small discussion. The Director of PENS also open the conference, because on Day#1 he can’t attending it.

I stay in Rumah Kertajaya Hostel, same with Franklin, Eric and Italo

13 Maret, 2018


Tulisan ini masih sedikit melanjutkan pengalaman GNOME Recipes Hackfest 2018, namun sedikit ditambahkan atas pesanan Pak Andika (Koordinator Penerjemahan GNOME) terkait bagaimana cara menguji aplikasi dengan antar muka bahasa Indonesia (dengan file .po yang sudah kita terjemahkan).

Mari kita mulai!

Pasang GNOME Builder Nightly
  • Unduh flatpakref untuk GNOME Nightly dari https://sdk.gnome.org/gnome-nightly.flatpakrepo dan pasang

flatpak –user remote-add gnome-nightly gnome-nightly.flatpakrepo

  • Unduh flatpakref untuk GNOME Builder dari https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GNOME/gnome-apps-nightly/master/gnome-builder.flatpakref dan pasang

flatpak –user install –from gnome-builder.flatpakref

Jalankan Builder dan Ambil Kode GNOME Recipes
  • Jalankan Builder dan pilih tombol Clone untuk kloning kode sumber
  • Kloning dari https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/recipes.git
Kloning Kode
  • Kode akan otomatis dibangun oleh Builder
Detil Build
  • Jalankan!
GNOME Recipes
Mengubah Antar Muka ke bahasa Indonesia

Seperti gambar di atas, antar muka aplikasi yang kita jalankan menggunakan antar muka baku (bahasa Inggris). Untuk kasus teman-teman yang mengerjakan terjemahan, perlu menguji dan membuat antar mukanya ke bahasa Indonesia. Adapun langkahnya sebagai berikut:

  • tambahkan “–env=LC_ALL=id_ID.utf8” pada bagian “finish-args” di berkas org.gnome.Recipes.json.
  • Jalankan lagi!
Berbahasa Indonesia


Selamat Mencoba!


07 Maret, 2018


This Hackfest are focused on GNOME Recipes and venues in AMIKOM university in Yogyakarta. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Amikom_Yogyakarta

In last year,  I know there will be GNOME Hackfest in Yogyakarta and possibly in March. And I thought it wil be at end of March until Nuritzi tell in Endless Ambassador Telegram Group that it will be start from February 28th until March 2nd. I know this on February 25th. So I ask Kukuh Syafaat to go together and help since he also GNOME Foundation Members.

Actually at February 27th, there’s an outreach event at the local university. But I can’t manage to go because I arrived at Yogyakarta at 17:00 and it already finished. But I have dinner with few GNOME Developer (but no Mattias and Emel) for that day.

#1st Day

This is my first time joining GNOME Hackfest and I don’t know about Recipes at all. So I just learning for this day.

There’s two application, GNOME Recipes and Endless Recipes. We (actually I just silent becase I became student this time 🙂 define our goals in this hackfest.

Then continue with demo of GNOME Recipes and Endless Recipes. And this time I understand how both work. It’s make me interesting to learn about creating basic GNOME applications.

When Phillip gave demonstration, I was amazed by few tools from Endless, there’s Ingester who can collect data and download it to locals then preview it with Hatch Preview.

And from this first day, I understand how different about data between those two applications.

Apps Demo - Endless DemoApps Demo – Endless Demo

For first day dinner, I meet Endless CEO (Matt Dalio) for first time and we have dinner with all developer in Taj (India) Restaurant. Endless paid all food. Thank’s Endless.

Indian Restaurant

Note for first day can be read in https://wiki.gnome.org/Hackfests/Recipes2018/Day1.

#2nd Day

This day starting by Emanuelle explaining about constraints-based layout which is also first time for me to know it. There’s Autolayout.js and Emeus to help manage the layout.

Emanualle explain about constrain-based layoutAutolayout.js

In this day we have some question that Rama and Emel need to ask to “real life” students. Rama became coordinator for collection recipes from Indonesia’s side. It’s decided on first day.

After lunch Martin got the recipes data and started converting it into a shard. Matthias debugged some issues that showed up during demoing of recipes earlier. Me, personally I’m learning about building Recipes from source and understanding ingester.

After hackfest, I meet with Renato from Endless. Actually we already meet at first time dinner but he thinking that me and Kukuh are GNOMErs, not Endless Ambassador. We discuss about marketing stuff and strategy and also he told me that Endless will have office in Bali.

Dinner for this day, I help them to choose. You can guess where is it? The owner come to us and ask take picture with us.

Guess where is it?Guess where is it?


26 Desember, 2017


Pada kali ini saya ingin membagi sedikit ilmu tentang menyalakan hotspot pada KDE di openSUSE Leap 42.3 ini, dan kebetulan laptop yang saya gunakan ini ialah Lenovo Z40-75.
Berikut beberapa langkah yang dilakukan :
1. Masuk ke Configure Network Connections
2. Pilih add new
3. Setelah itu pilih wifi (shared)
4. Tentukan nama dan ssid dan key pada hotspot
5. nyalakan hotspot

21 November, 2017



Ketika saya mulai menggunakan linux tepatnya openSUSE Leap 42.3 ini saya mulai kesulitan dengan screenshot ketika saya mengerjakan tugas kuliah saya dimana saya harus kerja dua kali karena di linux ini tidak terdapat software seperti snipping tool di windows yang memudahkan proses screenshot. Pada defaultnya openSUSE itu sendiri menggunakan software spectacle, tetapi screenshot tersebut full screen, jadi kita harus kerja dua kali untuk hasil screenshot yang kita inginkan

Jadi tak lama setelah saya kesulitan saya banyak bertanya ke teman – teman saya yang menggunakan openSUSE juga, dan dia menyarankan agar saya menggunakan lightshot. Dikarenakan lightshot itu sendiri hanya tersedia versi windows dan mac dan tidak ada versi untuk linuxnya maka saya menggunakan wine sebagai perantara.


  1. Refresh repositori openSUSE terlebih dahulu
  2. zypper ref
    zypper up
  3. Jika wine belum sempat terinstall maka install wine di openSUSE anda terlebih dahulu
  4. zypper in wine
  5. Install lightshot pada laman resminya, yang bisa anda dapatkan disini
  6. Pilih for windows dan setelah selesai download install lightshot tersebut via wine
  7. Setelah itu ketik wine di pencarian dan pilih wine file lalu cari hasil download lighshot yang telah didownload tadi
  8. lighshot yang bener

  9. Tunggu proses instalasi sampai selesai
  10. Selesai

Selesai semoga membantu 😀 .

14 November, 2017


Mungkin ini cuma iseng – iseng saya sendiri karena ketika saya ingin memformat flashdisk saya itu tidak ada opsi format flashdisk pada dolphin di KDE, lain halnya dengan file manager yang terdapat di GNOME maka dari itu saya mulai mencari cari cara memformat flashdisk via terminal yaitu sebagai berikut

    1. Periksa flashdisk berada di /dev/sdb berapa dengan perintah berikut :
sudo fdisk -l

wrd 1

Disini kita melihat bahwa flashdisk tersebut berada di /dev/sdb1

    1. Umount flashdisk sebelum diformat dengan perintah berikut :
sudo umount /dev/sdb1


    1. Setelah itu format flashdisk dengan perintah berikut :
sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1


  1. Selesai 😀


KDE Connect

Mungkin sebagai pengguna KDE yang sudah lama KDE Connect adalah jalan pintas menghubungkan smartphone dengan PC/laptop. dimana KDE Connect itu sendiri merupakan sebuah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan smartphone android dengan laptop/PC (Linux) yang memakai desktop berbasis KDE. Beberapa Fitur yang terdapat di KDE Connect ini ialah :

  • Bisa menjadikan device seperti remote.
  • Bisa langsung mengirim file android ke laptop/PC dengan mudah.
  • Bila sedang memulai lagu di laptop/PC kita bisa next/previous dan mengecilkan volume langsung dari hp tanpa harus memegang laptop .

Adapun beberapa cara agar menghubungkan KDE Connect di laptop dengan smartphone android adalah :

    1. Install KDE Connect di Play store


    1. Pairing KDE Connect di android dan laptop/PC anda
    2. VOILA!!!! Laptop dan smartphone android anda telah saling terkoneksi
    3. Berikut beberapa tampilan bila laptop dan smartphone android anda telah saling terkoneksi

NOTEPastikan sebelum pairing firewall di laptop/PC anda dimatikan terlebih dahulu dan koneksikan laptop/PC dan smartphone android anda dalam satu jaringan yang sama

06 November, 2017


Did you know about EndlessOS? you can read here.

Since end of October, I’m joining Endless Ambassadors Programme. And on November 3rd until November 5th, we have reatreat in Jogjakarta with others Ambassador and Endless employee.

Today, I’m decide to use EndlessOS as my daily OS. I wanna try it, if it’s can fit with me or not. Before using EndlessOS, I’m using Ubuntu and Debian. Personally, since it’s using Linux, I have no struggle on it.

But EndlessOS is different. I according to my first impression before (I install it on another computer), it’s good for new comers but not for advance users.

Right now I’m using EndlessOS 3.3 on my X1 Carbon that using Intel Core i7 5600U and single boot. I’m downloading from Buaya. Yes that’s local repository. It’s because more faster than from the original download source.

First Impression


Yes it’s fast, from boot until going to desktop. Even faster than BlankOn.


I love the wallpaper.

EndlessOS DesktopEndlessOS Desktop

Just Work

My laptop just work on it. Everything seems ok even I have some notes and I will put on last section of this post.

App Center

After installing, I need to make sure that my needs are ready in App Center, so I just randomly look at that.

App Center #1App Center #1

There’s local encyclopedia, so you don’t need to connect internet everytime.

App Center #2 – Encyclopedia

And there’s also Android Studio.

App Center #3 - Android StudioApp Center #3 – Android Studio

I install some of them according to my needs. They’re success installed on my system. One or two seem has problem when downloading the package. I was wondering that’s because internet connection not good. As far I know, that’s need international connection and mostly, this country connection not good at that.

AudacityAudacity – My lovely application

There’s some “weird” in App Center. It’s has two GIMP. Probably it can make new comers feel confuse at first time. They need to choose which one is the “real” one.


Steinberg UR242

Steinberg UR242Steinberg UR242

My external soundcard is working here (even I just only playing music from youtube). I have Steinberg UR242. And it’s smoothly can play song from youtube.

Let's RockLet’s Rock

What is missing?

TuxGuitar – Yeah! there’s no tuxguitar in App Center right now. This is my “must have apps all the time”.

Ardour – this is also in my list of apps.

Thunderbird – I can’t find it in App Center. My office use it and I already has backup from previous installation.

VirtualBox – No virtualbox. 🙂

Touchpad – My touchpad always stopped to able to scroll after suspending system (or close the screen). It’s happen in Ubuntu 17.10, and can be solved by installing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.

Telegram Desktop – It’s not working for me. It’s always force close when I input phone number.


I found some translation that not fit (yes of course I

01 November, 2017


“Cerita dari Negeri Matahari Terbit”

Foto diambil dari album openSUSE Asia Summit 2017. Thanks Pak Edwinz, Dhenandi, Kukuh, Takeyama, Pak Yan atas fotonya.


This is my third time join openSUSE Asia Summit. Previously at Taiwan, Dec 2015. And last year at Yogyakarta. Last year I join as event coordinator for openSUSE Asia Summit 2016. and present as workshop speaker with tittle Manage Log using ELK Stack in openSUSE.

I came again as workshop speaker with title Testing Ansible Roles using Molecule at openSUSE.

This year, we went from Indonesia with big team. 11 people except me with various background. There are:

  1. M. Edwin Zakaria, veteran contibutor for openSUSE since 1999, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1572
  2. Andi Sugandi, teacher on High School, former President of openSUSE Indonesia Community. https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1608.
  3. Sendy Aditya Suryana, last year join as Volunteer Coordinator for openSUSE Asia Summit 2016, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1534
  4. Yan Arief Purwanto, since long-long time ago part of openSUSE Indonesia Community. https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1614.
  5. Kukuh Syafaat, president of openSUSE Indonesia Community, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1502.
  6. Syah Dwi Prihatmoko. Currently working as DevOps Engineer at KodeKreatif. Last year join as Speaker too, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1544.
  7. Saputro Aryulianto, working as OpenStack Engineer Certified at PT. Boer Technology (Btech), https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1570.
  8. Umul Sidikoh. Student at STT NURUL FIKRI, last year join for first time as speaker at openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 Yogyakarta. https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1616.
  9. Alin Nur Alifah. Working as Programmer at Universitas Pertanian Bogor, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1590.
  10. Tonny Sabastian, working as CTO at Peentar.id, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1548.
  11. Muhammad Dhenandi Putra, working as Engineer at PT. Excellent Infotama Kreasindo, https://events.opensuse.org/conference/summitasia17/program/proposal/1520.

One Day Before Summit

Committee invite us for welcome party at University. Many new people join. Cozy moment. Some people say hallo, talking about their project, about difference culture, community etc.


Day One Summit


Its rainy day, little bit cold, 12 degree Celsius.

Summit be opening by Takeyama-san with receive album of summit from Indonesia Team as Host for last year to Japan Team.

First Keynote speaker from Richard Brown, Chairman of openSUSE Board), talk about openSUSE update from Nuremberg. Then Omo-san (Kazuki Omo) talk about security at FOSS. Ludwig Nussel from SUSE give talk about roadway to openSUSE Leap 15 which will be release at April 2018.

Lunch break. We all going to Surabaya Restaurant. Of course Indonesia food.

After lunch, various speaker start present on parallel class room.


Day one close by some of lightning talk. And Committee invite dinner with all volunteers and speakers.


Day one end.

Day Two Summit

Weather still cold, and typhoon Lan will arrive Tokyo tonight.

Opening by Takeyama. Talk about

28 Oktober, 2017


Bulan ini saya jajan kartu suara baru buat bermain gitar. Sebelumnya nyoba beberapa kartu suara hasil minjem dari beberapa teman. Atas rekomendasi pakar studio rekaman Nada Musika, terpilihlah Steinberg UR242.

Steinberg UR242

Saya colokkan ke USB di MacOS, langsung ketedek. Saya langsung optimis bahwa ini akan berfungsi di linux (kecuali fitur DSP, karena saya belum tau entah ada atau tidak di linux). Dan benar saja, dicolokkan ke Ubuntu 17.10 langsung jreng.

Hasil lsusb, muncul Yamaha, karena memang sekarang milik Yamaha.


Pada halaman settings

20 Juli, 2017


Okay, kali ini saya akan membuat cerpen yang mungkin panjang (mikir keras ...). bagaimana saya akhirnya memutuskan untuk membuat e-paspor. Gak tau kenapa saya kepingin aja buat nulis cerita ini. Penasaran?  Gak usah penasaran, ini bukan teka-teki. Ini cuma cerita. Awal Mula Tahun 2016 sebenarnya saya udah menargetkan untuk mbuat paspor, namun ada saja hal-hal … Continue reading Terima Kasih openSUSE Asia Summit, Akhirnya Saya Buat Paspor

The post Terima Kasih openSUSE Asia Summit, Akhirnya Saya Buat Paspor appeared first on dhenandi.com.

13 April, 2017


Intro Oke, ditulisan ini saya bukan mau pamer punya MacBook baru atau gimana, saya cuma mau berbagi pengalaman saja lewat tulisan gimana saya memasang openSUSE Leap pada MacBook saya, jadi saya akan menceritakan sedikit kronologis dahulu kenapa saya memutuskan buat memasang openSUSE Leap di MacBook. Jadi, sebenarnya sehari-hari saya menggunakan openSUSE Leap 42.2 yang terpasang di laptop … Continue reading Memasang openSUSE Leap pada MacBook Air

The post Memasang openSUSE Leap pada MacBook Air appeared first on dhenandi.com.

08 Pebruari, 2017


Xenyx 302 USBXenyx 302 USB

Beberapa hari yang lalu dapat pinjeman perangkat tersebut di atas. Yang minjemin juga ngasih gitar yang keren banget. Gitar nanti akan saya posting di artikel berikutnya.

Mixer mini ini juga nanti rencananya buat mencoba layanan musik Gritjam.com. Mixer ini memiliki antar muka USB, saat mencoba kemarin, pakai macOS dan langsung terdeteksi. Langsung terpikir bahwa ini akan otomatis terdeteksi juga di BlankOn. Dan ternyata benar.


Lihat di pengaturan, juga langsung nongol. Dicoba muter musik, langsung jreng.

Plug and JrengPlug and Jreng

18 Januari, 2017


openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Taiwan hari ke 4, 5/12/2015 | Sabtu (Setelah hampir setahun dalam draf blog)

Hari ini adalah pembukaan acara openSUSE Asia Summit 2015. Sedikit mendung, dengan menaiki metro dan turun di Stasium Technology Building. Kemudian dilanjut jalan kaki. Tak berapa lama, sampailah di tempat acara. National Taipei University of Education.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Acara dibuka oleh Alcho sebagai ketua panitia dan disambung dengan penyerahan album dari panitia Beijing ke panitia Taiwan.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Keynote pertama oleh Michal Hrusecky dengan tema “What’s been going on in openSUSE latelly”. Keynote kedua oleh Alex Lau membawakan materi “Why’s SUSE matter”.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Istirahat makan siang, kami menuju masjid raya terdekat dengan jalan kaki, berpegang pada panduan gps dari Pak Edwin. Hari ini nyoba makan siang di Warung Surabaya.(*dengan masakan Indonesia, bikin kangen rumah.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Setelah solat dan makan siang, kembali ke lokasi acara. Agenda hari ini adalah menonton Pak Edwin dongeng. Menceritakan tentang kesusksesan penggunaan opensuse di sekolah-sekolah di Yogyakarta. Sedangkan Pak Utian di ruangan berbeda memulai kelas Openstack.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Dilanjut dengan beberapa talk lain, diantaranya: Benchou dan narohiko.
Dan talk dari saya pukul 16.00. Maleo di openSUSE.

Baiklah Summit hari pertama selesai. Kami kembali ke msjid, buat magriban dan makan di restoran sebelahnya 🙂
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Kemudian kembali ke stasiun terdekat untuk makan malam bareng panitia dan pembicara. Pak Utian pamit g ikut dan balik ke hotel.

Acara dinner kali ini ada misi lain, membawa opensuse asia summit 2016 ke Indonesia. Targetnya sih berunding dengan Tim Jepang, Hatto Chan, Takeyama dan Tim agar mengalah, summit 2016 di Indonesia, summit 2017 di Jepang.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Pukul 11 malam dinner selesai. Kami kembali ke hostel. Sampai bertemu besok, Summit kedua, Taiwan hari kelima.


16 Oktober, 2016


Sebelumnya saya sudah pernah cerita tentang pengalaman saya menjadi relawan pada openSUSE Asia summit 2016, kalau mau baca bisa ke sini : https://dhenandi.com/opensuse-asia-summit-2016-a-little-stories-from-volunteer/ Dengan perasaan hati senang saya menulis tulisan ini, karena kemarin saya mendapatkan sepatu Fans keren buatan pak Iwan Tahari dari Pak Estu Fardani. Ketika openSUSE Asia Summit hari kedua, tiba-tiba sepatu saya … Continue reading Sepatu Keren dari openSUSE Asia Summit 2016

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20 September, 2016


openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 tinggal menghitung hari lagi lho!. Acara tersebut akan dilaksanakan di UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta dan akan dilaksanakan selama 3 hari. Acara akan dimulai dengan workshop yang diadakan pada tanggal 30 September 2016 dan dilanjutkan dengan seminar tanggal 1-2 Oktober 2016. Buat kalian yang belum tahu apa itu openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 … Continue reading H-10 openSUSE Asia Summit 2016, Sudahkah Kamu Daftar ?

The post H-10 openSUSE Asia Summit 2016, Sudahkah Kamu Daftar ? appeared first on dhenandi.com.

09 September, 2016


openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Jumat, 4/12/2015

Pagi hari, sedikit gerimis, 2 bapak berjalan dengan semangat, yak sekitar 4 km dari hostel menuju kantor SUSE Taiwan. Setelah beberapa kali nyasar. dan sampailah.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Rombongan kita dipersilahkan menunggu dir uangan rapat oleh Pak Joe Lee, Al Chow, dan beberapa panitia. Ngobrol ngalor ngidul. Bertukar oleh-oleh.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Jam sebelas kita bertolak menuju Masjid, dan tetap jalan kaki. Tak ada rute metro menuju lokasi tujuan.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Sampailah kita.Emm mungkin karena populasi wni muslim lumayan banyak, beberapa rambu-rambu ditulis dalam bahasa indonesia cukup bnyak.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Masjid yang kita kunjungi dikenal dengan nama Taipei Grand Mosque. Bentuk bangunan gedung dapat dilihat jelas masih menggunakan kaca patri. Masjid ini awalnnya dibangun oleh komunitas muslim China yang bermigrasi dari China daratan.

Prosesi salat jumat, campur-campur antara Bahasa Arab, Inggris, bahasa lokal dan Bahasa Indonesia. Setelah selesai salat Jumat, kebetulan ada prosesi masuk islam.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Saya juga berjumpa dengan Bapak M Taufiq Nuruzzaman, salah satu dosen saya ketika kuliah di UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, saat itu beliau sedang menyelesaikan studi S3-nya di NTU.

Ngomong-ngomong kita dapat bubur jagung dari relawan masjid, gratis untuk jamaah salat Jumat. Enak sih rasanya, kudapan hangat saat cuaca dingin seperti ini. Sayang ndak saya foto.

Setelah itu, Pak Taufik menyarankan saya makan di kantin masjid, sedang ada pasar, ada beberapa penjual makanan halal, daging sapi/kambing dan menu makan siang.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Pak utian dengan lahap menyantap menu makan siang. Seporsi 120TWD.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Selesai makan kita jalan kaki ke Daan Park. Taman yang luas, bersih.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Kemudian kita balik ke hostel menggunakan metro.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Oh ya, malamnya kita mendapat undangan pesta rilis di gedung yang sama dengan kantor SUSE Taiwan namun berbeda lantai.

Pesta Rilis
Acara diselingi ligthing talk(dadakan) dari beberapa peserta. Ngobrol santai dengan beberapa peserta dan tim SUSE.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Pukul 9 malam kita pulang, sekian untuk hari ini.
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
*ps: Besok summit hari pertama.


07 September, 2016


openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Ah baru sempat nulis lagi, Wes hampir next summit. Hahaha
Hari kedua, Kamis pagi, 3 Desember 2015. Abis sarapan yg disediakan dari Hostel (roti selai, bikin sendiri), saya keknya belum kemana-mana, mau menyelesaikan materi presentasi. Kita nyoba colokan hasil beli kemaren.

Rencana bareng pak utian adalah nyari sentra electronik, niatnya nyari Nexus. Rute nya saya lupa, hanya jalan kaki, terus beberapa ruas jalan penuh grafiti.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Lokasi ditemukan, setelah lelah muter-muter, kita nyari makan. Tanpa rambu-rambu makanan, maka tujuan kita cuma Mcd. Kebiasaan disini, abis makan di restoran cepat saji, mejanya dibersihin sendiri, piring, gelas, tisu buang sesuai tipe sampahnya. Ga kek disini, masih ada pramusajinya, disana kagak ada, cuma kasir.

Jam 5 pulang,. Kali ini kita mencoba menggunakan metro (KRL). tarifnya relatif murah 15-30TWD sekali jalan. Karena dirasa akan sering menggunakan metro. Kita jadinya membeli tiket paketan 72hr Taipei Metro Pass seharga 380TWD. Jadi sejak pertama kali digunakan, kita punya waktu 72 jam naik metro sepuasnya kemanapun di jaringan Taipei Metro. Horeeee


Untuk makan malam, kita menemukan restoran tidak jauh deket hotel, mesen nasi goreng ayam. Hmm, beberapa restoran tak punya daftar menu dengan huruf latin dan bahasa inggis, kali ini kita beruntung. Lumayan enak.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Setelah makan, rute selanjutnya adalah menuju pasar malam (Shilin Night Market). Pak utian mau beli jaket(Kademen). Pasarnya rame, bnyak makanan dan penjaja lainnya. surga food streat market dah. Bnyak muda mudi piknik rombangan maupun pasangan. (20,24,50)- Jaket ditemukan, saya lupa harganya berapa, tapi lumayan harganya.
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015
openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Setelah pak utian dapat yang dicari, beliau pulang dulu, saya keknya masih betah muter-muter.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Jam 22.15 saya sampe hotel. Pak Edwin baru sampe hotel juga, abis itu nyari maem sama Pak utian. Saya ndak ikut. bobok saja 🙂

Sekian hari kedua, besok keknya mau ke kantor SUSE.

01 Desember, 2015


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